Reach Out
I plan to reach out to people in my network through the effective use of social media. I find Instagram
My main experience started when I started spreading the word about the Child abuse among my peers and relatives. I
To spread awareness about child sexual abuse I reached out to 8 adults and 16 students. For the students I
Report of Reach Out Plan on Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
Sensitisation and Awareness Total number of people sensitized: 1. Young Children: 3 (my near cousins, one girl and two boys)
As thought in the reach out plan, I had conducted a video call with my friends in two different sessions
The aim of my reach-out plan was to educate the people around me about the gruesome practice of Child Sexual
Being a person terrified of public speaking, I was clueless where to begin. However, reading through various posts gave me
Introduction Any awareness can only be grasped by the world, through action not by contemplation. With the Reach Out Plan
In the world that's governed by COVID-19 in present and will have some rigid novel aspects of daily life in
Objective: The aim of my reach out plan is to spread awareness and educate my audience about the different types
Awareness Program First of all, I would like to say that this volunteer program has taught me a lot. I
Reach Out Plan The younger one When it comes to children we have to deal with them politely they are
REACH OUT FOR AWARENESS AND PREVENTION OF CSA By Lalrengpuii Background I carried out activity five of our virtual volunteer
On 10th June , a fellow volunteer Yamini and I held an online session on Child Sexual abuse on Google
Childhood is considered as a garden where nature flourishes at its best but in real most children are often neglected
Report on CSA Awareness First I would like to thanks KSCF for giving me this opportunity and involving in research
REACH OUT Targeted Audience: College students aged 18-20 Platform: Virtual Webinar Number of People: 13 Lesson shared among friends: The
First of all, i would like to say that i am blessed to be part of this amazing group, with
REACH OUT PLAN FOR CHILDREN 1. Explaining Personal Space - Start with games of standing at one arm distance. This
The reflection of reach out plan Reaching out to teenagers was exciting and highly challenging too. Talk to children who
Reach Out Plan For teenagers Object- The main objective is to make children and teenagers aware of child sexual abuse
Reaching out is the the most important step for any awareness plan to be successful.The more people you reach out
On 10th June , a fellow volunteer Yamini and I held an online session on Child Sexual abuse on Google
Conclusions from the survey conducted among young adults on Child Sexual abuse clearly reflected that all of them are very
For younger children I talk to the people in my society, having young children and my neighbour as they have