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We all suggest people to run and open up to family or friends, to anyone who is trust worthy, and
When I spoke to around 10 people about child sexual abuse, I was incredulous to discover that around 6 of
While I had conversations with several people who have faced sexual abuse at some point in their life, I came
दूर रहो इन जंजालो से ऑनलाइन के बहकावे से ये सब एक भटकाव है ये मीठी मीठी बातें करके पहले
Even though you look like us, you can't be like us You are monsters without horns You don't eat us
Today my walls came crashing down The walls that made me frown Maybe tomorrow I’ll smile Just for a while.
Tell me of a child’s beauty that waits inside, lying dormant ready to grow. Is this the beauty, not stolen
It was a typical Saturday night at the Mehra residence, a well known family of New Delhi, with a successful
In most cases regarding sexual abuse, the abuser is not a stranger but somebody the child knows or trusts. As
Kya aapko yaad he? Apna nanha khelta kudta bachpan. Laddoo aur chocolate khane me, daadi ki kahani me; beeta hua
In the summer month of May, Steven was walking the lane which led him to his home. It was awfully
Here is a retelling of the famous children's story-Little Red Riding Hood, which may be used to sensitise young kids
After seeing some of the volunteers' post, I got an idea to take the survey of different opinions of modern
A 5 year old boy , warm and chatty, reciting his favorite poem in the class not aware of the
I am Divyansh. Here I am going to tell you a fictional script, based on the common abuse manner of
We need to create a safe and open space where stereotypes of toxic masculinity are shattered, where male victims don't
Hi, I am Divyansh and while doing my research on Child Sexual abuse I have talked to my closets, friends,
To understand the practicality of the situation and how a child responds in different circumstances, I have interviewed some of
This is a story of “Samayra” who was a single girl child and was brought up by her mother alone.
I have a friend, to whom, I can talk about anything going on in my life, my deepest secrets, and
NON-REPORTING OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Recently, I had the opportunity of speaking with adults who were sexually abused as children.
Mehek was a 7th grader. One day, her friends were excitingly talking about Facebook, a new social media application in
Between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2019, a total of 24, 212 cases of child sexual abuse were reported,
As a part of activity 3 of volunteer program, I spoke to my friends (all aged 19-21) regarding their experiences
I was a blissful soulNo body consciousnessjust united with the Universe and so blissful butterflyWhen I wrapped myself with towel
Introduction Talking about child sexual abuse was something that I had never done before on a large scale; My field
Is It My Fault? - Devanshi Rungta Every day I walk to school, In fun and frolic I move; But
I am a girl from a middle class family, now aged 19. Both my parents are well educated. And they
आजकल के इस सामाजिक युग में बहुत सी ऐसी बातें हैं जिन बातों को कहने या करने से मनुष्य अभी
“Shame is a natural reaction to being violated or abused. In fact, abuse, by its very nature, is humiliating and
In Activity 3 I have talked to 10 people that are well known to me which includes my teachers, relatives
Ever wondered, why so many children who face child sexual abuse stay quiet ? Ever tried to know the reasons