If you're looking for ways to tackle cyberbullying, follow SWAB (Screenshot, Withdraw, Avoid and Block/Report & Restrict). SWAB is a
Awareness:Going through the trauma of abuse as a child, be it any form, specially sexual abuse is like taking the
Create a conversation next time you have the chance to for had kids grew up with these conversations being a
Through this poster I have tried to explain the thoughts of a child who is unable to talk properly about
In this digital era, we are living in a virtual world where we have no verbal communication. The time of
Here's a poster to help parents and teachers to make their children aware about online predators
This is just a poster for small kids and for fun.
We often forget the correlation between child sexual abuse and child marriages. Child marriages provide all those avenues that are
If u think it , report it. Together we can tackle child abuse.
This is an activity-oriented post wherein children aged below 10 years, can answer the questions as per their own preferences.
Tips to protect your child from Sexual Abuse~ अपने बच्चे को यौन शोषण से बचाने के लिए टिप्स
I have interviewed 6 people who shared their CSA cases. I have felt from all interviews that Child Sexual Abuse
There internet is an infinite space. Exclusion of content from infinite is impossible. So, a walled garden network is the
Adolescence is a very vulnerable age group where teenagers feel various emotions. Many teenagers prefer to explore realms to online