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" Stay Safe ", " Don't upload this picture ", " Don't accept follow requests from unknown people ", "
Harmonizing of Laws in Light of Child Sexual Abuse The POCSO Act and Section 375 Exception of IPC was a
Each of us can play a huge part in spreading awareness. We can be the catalyst to a chain reaction
Here are 6 tips and 2 essentials tests to ensure that your online presence is secure. 2 Tests: 1. King/
In this 21st century, the internet has become an indispensable part of our life. Just a click can pave way
We all must have seen or shared cute videos of babies laughing or smiling through whatsapp or any other social
In our child sexual abuse (CSA) is as a sensetive topic and maximum person don't want to talk about it
अपने हाँ, आज मैं गुमसुम हूँ, नाराज हूँ, हतास हूँ, निरास हूँ ... हाँ, नाराज हूँ... नाराज हूँ तूमसे, तुम
To successfully complete the given activity I tried to reach out to as many people as possible. I spoke to
When I started writing about child sexual abuse, I realised that there is more to it than what meets the
WHY DON’T CHILDREN TELL THEIR PARENTS ABOUT SEXUAL ABUSE? -1 in 3 children who are sexually abused don't tell anyone
THE FEARS THAT CHILDREN FACE WHILE BEING ABUSED.  • Often, the abusive adult will convince the child that they won’t be
1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys have been sexually abused before the age of 18 and in
"tum bacche ho", "tumhe kuch nahi pata", "chup baitho" are examples of many statements we say to kids dismissively. We
Pornography cases are increasing day by day the innocent child are being dragged into it . Children are so small
Agewise Guidelines to counsel your kids on internet usage
7 WARNING SIGNS that Your child may be in contact with an online predator If He/She: Becomes secretive about online
Communication is key in protecting children from online exploitation. Discuss Internet safety often with them and spend time online alongside
Consequences of CSA- Interview of 6 victims
 This is one of the questions that come to any child or to anyone’s mind when they commit any mistake
Child Sexual Abuse is an evil that exists in every society but people hardly talk about it. After talking to
If you know your friend or someone who has been abused then here are some tips on how to support
We moved to India in 2018. What I observed are Education system is more damaging than child labor .A child
Putting your guard down and opening up about a past experience of child sexual abuse is often the most courageous
Shame. This is the main reason why kids don't talk about the abuse.They feel like everyone will misjudge them even
Why there is a communication gap between children and parents? Working parents: Children feel left out when both of their