An awareness poster against child labour which contains some statistical data.
  Breaking the shackles of the oppressed by raising our voice and breaking the scilence towards the sensitive social issue
  Every child is a gem. Don't put them inside the cage. Set them free and see the magic......
  I asked 2 more questions : Q. Which industry/products do you think/know who involve child labour? 1.firecracker industry, mining,
  Six Major Central Schemes for Underprivileged Women -By Lalrengpuii Women in India have adorned high offices, brought glory to
  Awareness starts from home so I tried conducting an online survey and find out what my friends and relatives
  While working on this activity, found that data is not appropriate for Uttar Pradesh and also few activists filed
  In a bid to completely eradicate the social evil of child labour from the State, the Punjab Government launched
हमने अक्सर नन्हे बालक को काम करते हुए देखा है कही ना कही? पर क्या कभी सोचा है उससे बात
  Every child has the right to education and to live childhood. Never deprive a child from his right and
  By Shaina Child Lives Matter. There is so much we aren't aware of regarding the inhumane physical and emotional
      In activity 2, "Understand the barriers to education" the task assigned was to interact with 5 or
A slogan smeared with shades of red is not just a sign board for danger but a reminder oblivious to
In an age where learning is essential, where playing and enjoying is paramount, there stands a group of very unlucky
  Life of little ones are destroyed, When child labour is employed.
  Every child has right to enjoy thier lives and get the education. It's the age to learn and grow;
  Child labour is a global issue that prevents children from fulfilling their potential. Child labour is a violation of
Not everything is for sale.
  The painting potrays how a Child is trapped inside a glass i.e in a tea shop working as a
  Education is fundamental right and every child should have it.
  This shows that more number of children are on the darker side of the world who go through child