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  Once we are familiar with the dire situation, its also important to arm ourselves with the knowledge of the
  Acknowledging that a problem exists is the first step to correcting it, this means that, till we as responsible
This post contains an essay on child labour and trafficking
  A research on child labour and trafficking and the measures to stop child labour and trafficking in the form
I interviewed some adults around me to understand their perceptions about child labour and trafficking. The results of the interview
Evolution ends when child labour begins.
PERCEPTION OF Privilege There are literate people and illiterate people and the there are privileges and underprivileged people and from
I really liked this session because this gives a chance to work on the field. During this awareness campaign I
The following picture elucidates the grim reality that Uttar Pradesh faces in terms of child labor. However, it also instills
There are instances when you realize being privileged doesn’t tantamount to being compassionate. I don’t intend to generalize here but
Research on State and National level schemes for the underprivileged by Vedangini Bisht State and National level schemes for the
Questionnaire Child labour is not something new that people are not aware about but they simply try to put a
Child labour and Trafficking ‘Child labour’-This term is not new for us. We must have seen this in newspapers, magazines
    Activity 1: People want to contribute towards the cause but they feel that there is nothing they can
Child Labour in Delhi , a small report with an example of a child labourer in garment industry
My Name: Aditya Makhija City: New Delhi Locality: Safdarjung Enclave I will be focusing on one Covid Specific Scheme that
State and National level schemes for the underprivileged by Kanishka Mohan NAME:-Kanishka Mohan CITY AND STATE:- Meerut, Uttar Pradesh LOCALITY:-
Child Labour can be properly understood once we go through all the things happening around us in reality and not
State and national schemes for the underprivileged NAME:-Nikhil Baghel CITY AND STATE:-Aligarh,Uttarpradesh LOCALITY:-Aligarh Schemes for the Underprivileged on National Level
Child labour is a term we might have heard about in news or movies. It refers to a crime where
बाल मजदूरी, बाल व्यापार और बाल यौन शोषण जघन्य अपराध है। इसके लिए सख्त कानून भी हैं लेकिन फिर भी
This research is about Child labour in the state of Maharashtra. The following information has been researched and compiled from
State and National level Schemes for the Underprivileged Name- Rishabh Singh City and State- Hazaribagh, Jharkhand Locality- District Board Chowk