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This research is about Child labour in the state of Maharashtra. The following information has been researched and compiled from
State and National level Schemes for the Underprivileged Name- Rishabh Singh City and State- Hazaribagh, Jharkhand Locality- District Board Chowk
Child Labour can be properly understood once we go through all the things happening around us in reality and not
New labour law, 2020 says that a number of states that include Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat have
Region: J&K GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS (GENERAL) Name: Financing Schemes for Economic Upliftment of Weaker Sections Scheme Ownership: Labour & Employment Department
CHILD LABOUR- KERALA Kerala has a very low incidence of child labour, in spite of widespread poverty and the growing
Barriers to education and perceptions about Child Labour & Trafficking (Activity 2) Barriers to Education I have talked with the
Child Labour and trafficking in Uttar Pradesh Name: Yash Singh State: Uttar Pradesh Over 8 lakh children in India between
Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest hub of child labour and child trafficking in India. An article from Scroll
Child Labour: A case of Patna, Bihar COVID-19 Pandemic has adversely affected many families especially people with underprivileged background. With
Children are future citizens of the nation, and their adequate development is the country's top priority. Unfortunately, child labour engulfs
I am quite sure that each one of us must have witnessed  a child as a domestic help maybe in
  West Bengal Government schemes for underprivileged
Bihar ranks third from top in population and third from bottom in literacy rates. The ironical statistics provide an accurate