Reach Out in my Town by Udit Narayan Barman


I have done reach out to underprivileged family, shopkeepers, and privileged family in my locality, The way, I mentioned in my plan submitted in Activity 4, that making a small volunteering group among my friend and locality circle people, Therefore, I carried out 3 days reach out with them, as we all know this is a festive and joy season for all people and I belong to State of West-Bengal, City Siliguri, where Durga Puja is Important part of this season, When I reached out to 3-4 poor families living in the outskirts of the city, I mainly found out that they were not much aware about child labor, and when properly enquired they said that, they send their children to school for education but, when family financial problems arises they send their children to work in near-by Dhabas, Car Washing shops etc. I also said them that it’s not a right way to bring income for a family, I made a statement that your Child working in a dhabas or any other place can easily be trafficked to other state by traffickers without being asked or taking permission of your family. Then I shared what are the laws that bound Child Labor, Shared Child Help Line Number, and Showed some of KSCF Blog poster and videos. Then I spread awareness about various Governmental Schemes during this Pandemic, Labour Department data’s and Women and Child’s department report on Child labor etc. Then I talked About Famous Noble Laurate Kailash Satyarthi Ji, They Got really inspired by the ‘Price of Free’ Video.

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