An Investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest!! by K. Anuradha


Sure Kumar has been working as a driver since he was a child due to lack of facilities that provides education. He has always been an extremely diligent person and while working as a driver he released the importance of education. That realization made him jump back into school and he completed his diploma when he was much older and could afford to educate himself. Hats-off to his dedication.
This step that he took to educate himself opened doors for him to think deeper and help him decide to give his child the best education possible. He started asking around and researching himself too, about the different schemes by the government that could help him to give his son Rishi the best education possible. His zeal to give his son a beautiful life payed off and Suraj was able to enroll his child in an English Medium school called DBMS (Jamshedpur) through RTE (RIGHT TO EDUCATION). His son is 5 years old now and I hope and wish for the best to the family.

In order to find, you must first search.
There are n number of schemes that can help the underprivileged families to turn this world into a child labour free one. Awareness of these schemes and conversation about the laws are the parts where we lack. Let us all make so much noise about the same that there is not one person left without EDUCATION.

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