A Ray of Hope!! by K. Anuradha


Kalavati Munda is an example of how education can change someone’s life. Leela her daughter is earning so well and has learnt to stand up for herself through education. Education exposed her to several aspects of the world in various ways. She is in a position where she is demanding her to-be husband that she will be working post marriage because she wants to be self dependent.
A ray of hope for everyone who is struggling to find the way to education. The advantages of education is numerous. Not only does education make the child self dependent but also a more empathetic human being. Education helps the child understand the working of the world and in turn helps the world to function better. This world is like a bulb and education the electricity that makes the bulb shine.
Education (complete development) makes the world a better place to live in for everyone.
So much more power to everyone who would go against the wind to change the wrong to right. <3

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