The picture is just a glimpse and the lines are original to spread a word,

As per the plan, I tried to reach as many people I can and found that people know that child labor is illegal but still fear to raise their voice or are unaware about it, They see the child labors and ignore because for them if a child is working its for their family benefits or to help their family financially. They are doing good because they are supporting their families but people are unaware that the child is killing his/her dreams or maybe forced to do so.

I reached 21 privileged candidates, 6 employers and 6 unprivileged families,

During the reach out, I had a conversation with one grocery store owner who said he doesn’t appoint kids which was appreciated and later 5-6 people joined in the conversation.

Met a maid who doesn’t allow her kids to study because all she cares about the money. Where-ever she works the people ask her to send the kids to school but she doesn’t listen.. The lady is quite hard headed so we are trying other ways as well.

During this reach out, two of my friends helped in sharing the awareness in his social group. The reacg out plan is still on as I am trying to get in touch and collaborate with few schools and ngos of my city to raise this campaign and make more people aware.

The plan is on and will be on till we don’t reach our goal of Ending Child Labor.

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