Reach out and Ignite a Change!! by K. Anuradha


Reaching out to the members of the society is a continuous process till we reach the goal of a child labour free world.
I have been reaching out to family, friends and locality members in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (one of the worst child labour hit state.)

It has been a journey, still ongoing, where I am learning about the problems that the underprivileged families are facing. Lack of awareness being the biggest problem. We have n number of schemes that are formed by the government to help these families educate the children of the house but there is a huge gap between the schemes and awareness of the schemes.

The effort to reach out to these folks and make them aware of their rights is the most important task at everyone’s disposal. Each one of us should put the effort to talk to the people around us to understand where we stand as a society together.

I have reached out to about 10 plus underprivileged families, 15 plus consumers (privileged families) and 10 plus employers. To my surprise, all of them were extremely receptive and we ended up having long conversations about what was lacking in the community.
The work is still on and these are just small mile stones.
Like Ashutosh Sir says, celebrate the small victories, this is me posting the small impact that I could make with the help of KSCF.

REPEATED CONVERSATIONS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. We as humans have a very short memory span, our brain works on the principle of “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND” and that is why following up with folks that have taken a pledge to make the locality a better place is very important. The follow up should not come from a place of authority but from a place of concern. The follow up should be to appreciate the efforts of our folks.
I would like to give special mention to a few people from the pictures posted above.
1. Suraj Ram – A driver who started working at the age of 17 and is supporting his family till date has taken a conscious decision to not let that happen to his child. His son (extreme bottom, right corner) is 5 years old and enrolled in an English medium school (DBMS, Jamshedpur) through RTE (Right to Education). Suraj bhaiya had also finished his schooling while working as a driver when he found support from Mr. Rao’s family. In turn he realized the importance of education and is now making sure to give that to his son Rishiranjan Kumar.
2. Kalavati Munda – She has also worked as a house help all her life to support her family and two daughters. She made sure that her daughters had a different fate. She gave them the education every child deserves. Gudiya didi and Leela (my friend), two daughters of Kalavati Mausi, are now well settled. Gudiya didi is married now after a good working stint, Leela takes care of a whole bakery alone now and is earning so much better after a good education. She learnt computers and is now demanding to continue working to support herself from her to be husband.
3. K. Prabhakar Rao – Para Badminton – Chairman
Badminton Association of India – Joint Secretary
Jharkhand Badminton Association – Secretary
Akhil Vishwa Gayatri Pariwar – Chief Trustee/ Coordinator
K. Karabi – Aurobindo Society – Coordinator
He is a social worker by birth. He started from scratch and has made it this far. Received limited education because of the family constraints but he never gave up. He went against the wind and built his own empire. An empire where he teaches empathy and the joy of giving. He manages para kids and helps them in the game of badminton along with many more things.
K. Prabhakar Rao and his wife K. Karabi have constantly given back to the society. They are a part of Aurobindo society that supports children education. K. Karabi was a teacher and is the coordinator of Aurobindo society presently.
The couple has adopted three kids from Kera village in Jharkhand. Nilachal Pradhan, Manisha Pathal and Sumit mandal are the three kids adopted by the couple. An initiative where one can support the education for kids in Kera village.

I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing folks who are putting the effort to make this a better place, a place where children are free and happy.


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  • indeed conversation is important .. lack of communication is a big road blocker in the journey of awareness ..good work keep going

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