Fundraising plan by Anuskha Pandey


How will I make them care?
I will begin by stories with a personalized essence – stories of child labor that we see everyday, stories that fail to evoke pathos suffused with empathy. Stories that ask them to replace that quintessential choti with their own kid and question their conscience – will their reaction be the same?

What target I’m aiming?
I don’t intend to target any amount per se. I firmly believe that contribution of any sort should be voluntary. If I manage to make them feel in touch with the cause, I hope they do their bit by donating whatever little they can.

What will I tell them about KSCF?
I will try to encapsulate my learnings from the webinar, tell them the dire situation of child labour in the country. I’ll then proceed to talk about the magnanimous work done by KSCF for children, how they’re shaping and moulding the precious lives.

Which videos will I talk about?
I’ll share two videos for them:
1. Awaken the inner activist in you. Personally, this video filled me with lots of vigor.
2. I’ll show them important and convincing portions of the Price of Free that manages to stir one’s heart.

What else do they need to know?
It is important for them to know the vantage point of privilege. They should know that by being bystanders is tantamount to being a criminal. If they can’t go to fight, the least they can do is contribute. Whatever little they can.

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