Fundraising Plan by Deeksha Verma


“Because you have made us care, so now its our responsibility to wake up other people and make them care”

By this fund raising plan, I would like to reach minimum 10 people so that we can ask them to contribute for the benefits of the rescued children and for the children to be rescued in future. The monetary goal is of Rs.5000 but it also depends on the donor what amount he/she is willing to donate.

The people should know more about Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and his good works, so to make them aware I will share the below video-

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And now to wake up the people below videos will be shared-

Not only the videos but the real life stories of few rescued children will work the best like of RAJESH, SAPNA, MUKTI KARVAAN etc.

The most important thing for them to know is every child is precious and has equal rights like privileged people to eat, study, play and live with the freedom.