Planning for End to Child Labour by Sushmita Srivastava

Child labour is one of the major issues in India because it is directly affecting the future of children which are made to get education, enjoy their childhood, show the world the real meaning of innocence. So, following are the plans for awareness and fundraising.

  1. The underprivileged families with children who are at risk of school dropout and child labour.
  • How many underprivileged families do you plan to reach out?

I will aware 15-20 families about the child labour because they lack knowledge about the laws against child labour and importance of education in their child’s life.

  • How will you reach out to them? In person, on the phone, over a WhatsApp call?

First, I will try to reach them personally but if it will be not possible in this pandemic then I will reach out to them by contacting them by their phones numbers and try to know about how many of the families are forcing their children to work as a child labour and how many children have dropout from the schools.

  • What videos stories/posters/ideas from our blog or beyond will you be sharing with them?