An Action Plan for Awareness and Fundraising by Rhea Pradeep

Poverty is the main reason for child labour. In underprivileged families, children have no choice but to work to feed themselves. They represent a docile, cheap labour force for many areas of activity such as agriculture, brickyards or even factories. This will have an impact on their health as well as hamper both physical and intellectual development. Hence, it is important to raise awareness among such families. I plan to reach out to a small group of unprivileged families in my locality with aim of increasing the number in the future. The first step is to make them realise the value of education and how education can be used as a powerful asset to uplift their families from the vicious circle of poverty. The next step is to educate the families about their right as a citizen through direct dialogue, community events sports, art and theatre. Lastly, different government schemes to stop child labour and for the welfare of the children can be communicated to these families which will build a sense of confidence in them.
We need to do our little part in the movement against child labour as a responsible citizen of the nation. As we live in an era of digitalization, raising awareness through social media platforms can be spread to a large number of consumers. In certain instances, they can also be addressed in person or via a phone call. I believe that the first step is to inform yourself, be aware of the state of child labour in the world and be informed about the abuses and injustice that go on. After this, you are in a position to spread the word and inform others about child labour. The privileged consumers who are the bystander to child labour can belong to different age groups. Establish contact with young people and community group in a particular locality, talk to them about child labour and its consequences. Encourage them to spread the word to others and raise their voice against child labour. Creating a presentation with different essays, articles, poetry, videos, photos, and artwork on the fight against child labour can be used to sensitize others to this alarming issue. Different blog post posted in the KSCF can be shown to get a better regarding the same. One of the videos which greatly inspired and truly touched my soul was “The Price of Free” where we can see Kailash Satyarthi ji is fighting against all odds to save the children from child labour and trafficking.
It is crucial for employers to be aware of the child labour laws such as Minimum Age of Employment and Worst Forms of Child labour. I am planning to reach above 20 employers in my region either through social media or via phone call. Educating employers becomes one of the major steps towards preventing child labour. It is important for the employer to understand that child labour will have a negative effect on the future of a child. As stated earlier, employers should recognize the strength of child labour, and how offensive it is at present. A similar approach on how privileged consumer could be made aware of child labour can be followed to have a clearer and wider view regarding the same.
For fundraising, it is important to establish a target audience. A well-defined goal or purpose can be the base for planning. It is always necessary for the person engaged in fundraising to be well informed about the subject. A committee of people well versed with the subject can be appointed. Proper promotional poster and display posters can be used to draw the attention of a wider audience. An active fundraising committee is vital to fundraising, so a platform should be set up so that they can share their thoughts and views, which can be enabled through posters, artwork, poetry essays and posts. Real-life stories of how KSCF along with videos such as “The Price of Free” can be shared so that they know that their share is being used wisely.

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  • HI Rhea

    Good plan but you have not mentioned the materials you would use for awareness. Do browse around in the blog there are amazing creatives that you could use . few tips

    1) When you approach the unprivileged the attitude should be to understand them and then start with information sharing. We can’t start with this assumptions they have no idea about issues around them.
    2) Use more news , articles , pictures and videos to talk to people digitally
    3) Social media is a good platform do tag us in your posts as well so that they know where to reach for more queries.

    Best of Luck

    Virtual Volunteering team

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