Child Labour Awareness Plan by Deeksha Verma


The reach out should not be limited because as many people we reach our motive will be fulfilled to an extent.
When it comes to photography of child labor we capture them for our art galleries and events but when it comes to rescue we step because we will not be benefitted. But rescuing them, or helping the child to come out of the filthy environment will give you peace. And to explain the indians the best way is to use their language i.e. IF YOU SAVE A CHILD, ONE OF YOUR BAD DEED WILL GET DEDUCTED FROM THE BOOKS OF KARMA WHICH IS WITH GOD.

The below are the media links I would like to share as a awareness-

For the Underprivileged Families-

For the Privileged bystanders:

For the Child labor employers

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  • Hi Deeksha,

    We liked your the way you have categorized the target audience, It surely clarifies a lot of things.

    To keep it more realistic you should include a minimum number for reach out that you expect to achieve, I am with you when u say, not to limit the reach outs by a number, there is no upper limit for sure, but we must have a base line, what do you say?

    Also, we would like to see the BBA complaint cell number in your reach out material so that people know how to file a complaint.

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