Plan To carry out ‘Awareness Program’ In my Town by Udit Narayan Barman

Plans for Raising Awareness Against Child Labor In my Town

1) Approaching the Underprivileged families and children, especially who are at risk of school drop-out and Child Labor!

➢ How many underprivileged Families do you plan to reach out?
I will first take a short survey how many underprivileged areas are there in my town, and then make a small volunteering teams from my locality who are willing to participate in this campaign ‘against child labor’, after that if my survey report shows that 10-20 areas are their in my town, then I will plan out with my proper team to visit those places.

➢ How will you reach to them?
I would prefer to do my work within my Stipulated time framework so according to me the means of communication I use are, ‘In person’, to as many as families as possible; If, there are still some families left with whom I can’t meet I will Prefer to Talk to them over phone call!

➢ What videos/stories/posters/ideas from our blog or beyond will you be sharing with them?
I will first share my experiences working with KSCF, and share some common knowledge with them about child labor and trafficking and its vicious circle in India, will also try to share with them what our global leader had said against child labor, which I saw in Fair Share For Children Summit 2020, and lastly will share our Virtual Volunteers Artworks, Videos etc!
A video Which totally speaks why we need to stop child labor in India and spread of proper awareness! What its impact in both to our country we live in and to underprivileged society children’s!

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➢ What are the Most Important points to be covered!
a) Various Government Schemes and policies of benefits for underprivileged people
b) Talk to them about various laws & rights against child labor (will give a short intro of all the laws for children’s) For example: Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, The right to Free and Compulsory Education, POSCO Act, Etc.
c) Impact of Child Labor on their children Childhood age.
d) Should be an aware Citizen and stand against child labor and stand for Education!
e) From where they can take help to free their children From Vicious Circle of Child Labor.
f) And Lastly, will convey the message of Helpline Number 1098, and BBA along With Kailash Satyarthi Organization and inspirational Kailash Speech Against Child Labour.

2) The privileged consumers who are bystanders to child labour because they either don’t notice it, don’t know how to help, or don’t understand how child labour debilitates a child’s life and future.

➢ How Many Consumers will you reach out to?
I will try cover my locality and my colony area as much as possible. (10-15)

➢ How will you reach out to them?
I will prefer by visiting them in Person and Over call, In, my locality I will also try to spread awareness through WhatsApp group to every people in my locality.

➢ What videos/stories/posters/ideas/articles from our blog or beyond will you be sharing with them?
I will use KSCF Volunteering page ‘WhatsApp’ to collect all posters, artwork, videos research material etc to spread out to them.
A Short Video by Kailash Satyarthi Ji’ will also be given which speaks why India Faces more than millions of child labor.