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“I refuse to accept that the shackles of slavery can ever be stronger than the quest for freedom.” – Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi.

Everyone of us has the power to be the change makers. My awareness plan starts with reaching out to ten underprivileged families in person, with various materials from our blog. I will make them understand how child labour is a sin for humanity and they should try their best to prevent it. I will be covering important points such as understanding their stance on poverty, making them aware about various government welfare schemes.

Next I will be reaching out to at least fifty privileged consumers in person through my general store. I will be giving some time in the shop to reach out to consumers by various materials from our blog that will include posters, articles and poems. I will cover Important points such as making them realise about their privilege. It’s their privilege that doesn’t make them realise about child labour and million children who are affected by it. They should know how million children are forced to the abyss of darkness away from the divine light of childhood.

Next I will be reaching out to the potential employers that is eleven shopkeepers through telephonic conversation in our locality with various materials from the blog. I will cover Important points such as making them aware about the legal aspect of child labour. I will also show them various news articles how employing child labour is fatal for them, their business and out nation.

Blog materials
(i) For underprivileged families-

(ii) For privileged consumers-

(iii) For potential employers-

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  • Hey Lalrengpuii

    Good to the point plan. You are one of our most active volunteers and we see a leader in you. Would request you to build a group of volunteers in your area to help you with reaching out.
    Also as we mentioned in webinars look for the assciations of shopkeepers , traders, teachers, society etc to spread your information virtually.

    Best of Luck
    Virtual Volunteering team

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