Plan For Child Friendly Locality by Shiv Singh

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  • Shiv Dev Singh i am glad to see you are reaching out to RWA for the campaign
    1) Make sure your RWA do a house to house survey or put messages on whats app about child labour issue and being more aware to support children in need
    2) Select some posters from the blog and put it in your society and tennis club that you go
    3) If child is with parents make sure he goes to school and is linked to govt schemes ( very important to do that and it may take time to coordinate with govt officials )
    4) You haven’t mentioned the messaging , videos or text you would use please try to share that as well it will help us know right message is going out .
    5) Do mention BBA complaint cell number 1800102 7222 and child helpline number 1098

    Best of Luck

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