Let’s Get Doing by Farheen Nahvi


My plan of action includes the implementation of the following steps, with the goals of reaching the consumer community in my neighbourhood in Kashmir as well as a broader network of consumers I know through my University; and also reach the more vulnerable communities in my neighbourhood.


-Putting up posters around my neighbourhood that I’ve scouted from this website (contributions of other volunteers) as well as some that I’ve made myself (attached)
-Drafting pledges for shop owners and asking them to put up the signed pledges in their stores. I will also ask them to share around with other store owners. A few of my relatives also have shops in our neighborhood, which would make access to these shop owners easier.
-Through my parents’ contacts with the neighbourhood community, as well as my friends from the area, I will help circulate information through WhatsApp
-Every neighbourhood in Kashmir has a mosque. The community around mosques are very close, and often organises food drives, festivals, and even helps families with lending community spaces funerals. I think this would be a good resource to utilise to reach as many people as possible, especially through the weekly lectures that are made by the head imam.
-Adding to the previous point, Islam has provisions for charity (zakat) given throughout the year, and especially in the month of Ramadhan. Raising awareness among people for this cause and exposing them to KSCF and other organisations working and helping children might also be helpful for fundraising.


-There is an NGO working in my locality providing scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged families, and conducting capacity building workshops (called KEI). I have worked with them before, and this time I can conduct workshops in our locality, and have a higher chance of reaching families who may benefit from their programs. These workshops will not be about capacity building, but also spreading information regarding government schemes, rights, and the problem of child labour.
-In the same way, and with the help of KEI, I can also reach the public schools in our area for training workshops
-Taking the framework of workshops can be very beneficial
-This is a good opportunity to also organise the vulnerable children, or children already employed somewhere in a group who are taught about their rights and equipped with the knowledge to fight for them

I have not yet contacted KEI. However, I’ve worked with them before, and I know they will be interested in my proposal.


-Considering I am not in Kashmir right now, and might not go back for a while, I will be executing this plan through my friends and other passionate volunteers from Kashmir. My primary step as of now will be consumer awareness. I have access to a large base of people coming from various backgrounds who are not aware of the grassroots problem, but can contribute to the consumer demand that exacerbates the problem of child labour and trafficking. I will be forming a network of students, and collecting information through questionnaires, as well as sharing resources, introducing the problem and researching for solutions on the consumer side of things. This network will also help me share information widely.

In all of my efforts, the work of KSCF will be a guiding tool, and the richest resource to share.

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  • Hi Farheen

    Love your plan and thank you for putting in so much effort in thinking of strategy. As we discussed about building awareness among consumers where you are. So try reaching them too

    Best Wishes
    Virtual Volunteering team

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