Awake and Aware by Aditya Shrey



Every achievement starts with the decision to try to bring a change. Child labour is a reality today, it’s not limited to movies or myths, it is prevalent everywhere. No one in this world has the right to snatch away the most basic gift of life that is the innocence and carefree childhood. It is essential now to leave no stone unturned towards wiping out child labour from our locality, state, country and world.


Underprivileged families

The Key to any development in this world is a positive consciousness and awareness of Individuals. A moment of awareness among us, is enough to change the life of a child. My aim will be to reach out to thirty families, that will be estimated hundred and fifty people. These families are settled along the bank of river Ganges, thus there is a mushrooming of brick industries, which might lure families into child labour.

I will reach out to them through the government middle school as the medium, My mother is a teacher in the same institution. She will help me to get in contact with the students, the school cooks. My  awareness plan will be mainly through the medium of poster and reach out to them via the school kids to their families.

I will be using the following materials:


The most important point or theme of awareness plan will be to not use awareness as a tool to threaten them or frighten them but, using awareness as a medium of hope and courage for them.

Privileged Consumers

I will reach out to them through WhatsApp group chats, I will aim to reach out to my town’s teacher circle, my relatives and my  batchmates. People generally think child labour is not a problem, as it doesn’t bother them or affect them directly. This is what privilege does, it creates a smokescreen for the privileged to be drunk on entitlement and ignore the issue of child labour. I will aim that people move out from their comfortable smokescreen to the discomfort of reality.  My respondent group will be of 25 adults and 15 college students. I will be using following materials:


The most important point will be to stress on the emphatic understanding of the issue of child labour and child trafficking.

Potential Employers

The toughest task in the awareness plan is to make the potential employers realise that the cheaper alternative of child labour is the biggest cost that this nation can pay that is to snatch away someone’s right to have a childhood. My aim will be to reach out to five shopkeepers, five street vendors, five construction employers, five sweet shops and five paan walas. I will also try contacting the chamber of commerce organisation of my district. I will be using the following materials:

  2.    ( What can you do to stop child labour video)
  3. (The price of free)

The most important point under this will be to link child labour to being an anti-national activity. It is important to make the employers realise that their patriotism to the nation will reduce if the employ child labour.


We as individuals and citizens in the awe and comfort of social organisation’s work never ever try to face the discomfort of the reality of a social evil. It’s this discomfort of facing the reality that we justify child labour behind the smokescreen of poverty, destiny, etc. We are always in a bubble that we are an asset to the society. But to be an asset it’s not enough that we just speak, It is essential to act for it. But sometimes due to various limitation we cannot fully act for the welfare of the society, but we can make an effort financially to support social organisations which aim to eradicate child labour. KSCF is an organisation which is fully devoted to eradicate child labour and trafficking. I will tell them more about KSCF,

how this organisation has many individuals fully devoted for this initiative and about our organisation achievements. Kailash ji won’t need any introduction in my fundraising plan, He is a role model for billions, I will tell people about his struggle, the life-threatening attack on him and also about child warriors Saheed Dhoomdas and Saheed Kalu Kumar. I will be using the following videos:

  1. (The price of free)
/span> (Do your bit)