Perception about child labour in privileged homes by Neha Kulkarni


I asked 2 more questions :

Q. Which industry/products do you think/know who involve child labour?
1.firecracker industry, mining, tobacco
2.No idea
3.Maybe everything…
4.Firecracker factories, certain restaurants
5.Plastic companies

Q. If a child’s family is in extreme poverty, is it okay for a child to work?
1. I feel a child should not work in any situation, as they loose the opportunity to study and get a job. Children born into poverty are often get caught in the circle of poverty as result of which the next generation is forced to beg like the previous generation. The government and various NGOs are working to end this cycle, but it is a massive problem and needs more effort.

2. No it shouldn’t be fine for a child to work

3. Depends on the maturity level but a child should never go through such thing, childhood is there to enjoy it but unfortunately some people are not that privileged

4. That depends upon where the child is working and what kind of work it is. Like if he/she is trying to earn by helping teach school students, or such type of work, and if it is being done with proper legal permissions then it is perfectly fine.

5. If a family is in extreme poverty then it is ok to give or allow a child to work but,the work should be easy and do not include too much physical work and timing of a work should also be less means a child should also get some time to study or to play.

My analysis on these answers:
1. It definitely seems like a lot of people are lacking on their knowledge about industries with child labour. The reason this question was asked, was to know how much do people know about child labour product and industries. So it does seem like a confusion resulting into people buying a lot of product from child labour instigated industries which by the way includes chocolates, make up products, firecrackers (as a few in the answers already said). So it is a need of the hour to educate people on how child labour is effected in the industries and their atrocities.

2. In a country like India people need cheap labour, families having a non privileged background fall prey to such things and send/force their children to work. A few people answered it is okay for a child to work in certain circumstances, the first answer definitely sums up why it is NOT okay for any child to work. A child, just like you and me has every right to education. If children are made to work now, the next generations of the family are going to remain poor and will have to continue the cycle of endless working. If we break this cycle even with a single child in the family, he/she/them can bring a huge change to the current family as well as next generations to get them out of poverty.

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