The Trinity of Trafficking by Shaina


They are drugged, abducted, beaten and sold,
They lay shivering, hungry and cold.
No hope, no love, no life worth living,
Their bodies and spirits keep on shattering.
Handcuffed and used at their captors bidding,
They wonder if they can survive through what’s happening.

They lay back with a groan,
As, there is no comfort zone.
There are many of them,
Yet, they are alone.

With every passing second, minute, hour, day,
Their happiness keeps slipping away.
Further and further into a hole,
They fall deeper and deeper with nothing to hold.

With tears and looks of sadness,
That brings no news of gladness,
Their bare eyes crack with sorrow,
Whipping their tears for a better tomorrow.
– Shaina©️

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