Interviews on child labour by Aayush Kumar


Child labour is the worst reality of our society, we have knowledge about this evil practice but we don’t make efforts for it’s eradication. Government may take some steps and intiatives but we have to perform our responsibility also towards these types of practices which deteriorates the childhood of the children.

While speaking to 5 adults, I understood the things about child labour:-
1. How old were you when you started working?
Ans:- I was around 14 years when started to work in bricks making bhatti and later on in factory as a labour.
2. Did you attend school? Until what class?
Ans:- No, as I was involved in bricks making bhatti when I was 13 yrs old and before that time I was used to play with my siblings and other children and sometimes we work as a part time labour in my village.
3. Why did you not go to school?
Ans:- In my family no one was educated and our financial conditions was not stable.
Chacha, gave us some money for surviving but after some time he wanted his money back, and my parents were not able to give it back then he proposed that let me go with him and work in that bhatti for supporting my family in financial aspects. That’s why I didn’t attended the school.
4. How has this affected you in your life? Do you feel that by attending school, you would have better opportunities?
Ans:- This has affected me and my family very badly as I am still poor and underprivileged. I don’t have other options to earn money as I’m not literate and don’t have any other skills. Yes, I would have been better opportunity and able to give better life to my family.
5. Do you know about or have you accessed any government schemes for those who live below the poverty line?
Ans:- Yes, I have knowledge about government schemes but as I am not educated and literate then I don’t know how to fill the various forms which is required for accessing the schemes for my benefits. I want to educate my children for their betterment but because of my worst financial condition and no one come to help me.
While talking to privileged person, I was happy that some people are having a good knowledge about it, but we also have to do some more awareness campaigns for the providing some knowledge to them who all are not aware about it.
1. Do you know about the laws around Child Labour?
Ans:- Yes, I have knowledge about it like no one can employ a child who is below 14 years of age and also an adolescent who is below 18 years of age in any Hazardous or Non-Hazardous Work. If anyone employ any child as a worker then it is punishable under the Child and Adolescent labour (prohibition and regulation) act, 1986.
2. Which industries are having child labour most common in?
Ans:- I know about the some statistics but I am not sure as I read it in a news article that agricultural sector has the most child labour.
3. Do you feel that you consume products from industries that have child labour?
Ans:- Yes, I think many industries illegally appoint children as worker for providing labour on the cheap expense. And our government are lagging behind in implementing the laws on the grass root level and this things leads to the employment of child as a labour.
4. Have you ever seen child working or begging? What have you done about it?
Ans:- Yes, I have seen children are working in shops and begging on roads several times. I tried to talk with the children and for helping them I gave some amount of money.
5. Have you ever seen / know people who hire children as domestic help?
Ans:- Yes, I have been seen people who hire children as domestic help for cleaning house, washing clothes, and utensils, the shopkeepers are also hiring children for providing labour.
6. If a child’s family is in extreme poverty, is it okay for a child to work?
Ans:- No, definitely it is not okay for a child even for them also whose families are in the extreme poverty. As per my opinion, child labour will increase the poverty in the family. This vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy and child labour has to be broken and this will help in betterment of next generation.

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