EMERGENCY by Sonali Rastogi

हमने अक्सर नन्हे बालक को काम करते हुए देखा है कही ना कही? पर क्या कभी सोचा है उससे बात करने का? पूछने का की क्यू वो वह काम कर रहा है?

We have to now change our perspective, and have to question our surroundings. A child in street selling toys, pens etc is A sign that there are still gaps to be filled for us to do something for them.

Besides replying on the government to eradicate child labour, first we need to be aware about government policies and aware other citizens”

as is it is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi- “ Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world”

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  • कई महत्वपूर्ण बातों को एक तस्वीर मे समेट लाने की बहुत ही अच्छी कोशिश।

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