General society and Underprivileged perception about child labour by Divyansh Singh Gehlot

Reach out and interviewing uneducated hospitality workers.

Question asked:
a. How old were you when you started working?
b. Did you attend school? Until what class?
c. Why did you stop going to school or why didn’t you go to school?
d. How has this affected you in your life? Do you feel that by attending school, you would have had better opportunities?
e. Do you know about or have you accessed any government schemes for those who live below the poverty line?

Person #1 (Age 28, female, married)
(b)-Yes till 4th grade
(c)-To earn money, to assist parents financially, and parents don’t allow further
(d)-It doesn’t affect, instead, I feel okay about it. No, I don’t think it would help
(e)-No, I don’t know, I am not aware of government and market.

Person #2(Age 23, male, single)
(b)-Yes till 8th grade
(c)- I don’t find any need for this, and I was not interested in the study further
(d)-I don’t know, I was just wanted to earn money and live life freely. No, I don’t think so
(e)-Yes, know there for I studied till 8th in just Rs 200/year.

Person #3(Age 31, male, married, //He was born in the slum)
(c)-Not aware of school and no one mentored me
(d)-Yes, it could be changed but I don’t care much about it

Person #4(Age 26, male, single)
(b)Yes till 3rd grade
(c)Because my parents forced me to drop
(d)-I don’t think my life is affected. Yes, maybe
Person #5 (Age 25, male, married)
(b)-Yes till 6th grade
(c)-I was not interested in the study further
(e)-Yes, I have heard.

Reaching out to people who belong to privilege background and interviewing them about their understanding of child labour
Ask them these questions to understand their perspective:
a. Do you know about the laws around child labour?

P1. I know that’s illegal but don’t know the law factually
P2. I know them and understand but don’t bother about it
P3. I know that’s illegal but don’t know the law factually
P4. I don’t know

a. Which industries are child labour most common in?

P1. Manufacturing
P2. Manufacturing
P3. Household and agriculture
P4. Manufacturing

c. Do you feel that you consume products from industries that have child labour?

P1. No, I don’t think so
P2. Yes maybe
P3. Yes many products are from those industries
P4. No

d. Have you ever seen children working or begging? What have you done about it?
Most of them- Yes I have seen. Nothing or just ask the child to go and study

e. Have you ever seen/know people who hire children as domestic help?
P1. Yes, I have seen them
P2. Yes, I have seen them
P3. No, I didn’t saw them
P4. Yes, I have seen them

f. If a child’s family is in extreme poverty, is it okay for a child to work?
All of them- Don’t know.

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