AM I RESPONSIBLE? by Anjali Maurya


Child labour and human trafficking is a curse to mankind. We are living in the 21st century. but still, this heinous crime prevailed in the world. We as a human evolved with time. We develop new technologies, strategies, machines, and methods to complete our cupidity.
but we fail as a human to protect innocent children.
we talk about equality, freedom, and duties but on the other hand, we promote such crimes by ignoring.
we live in a democratic world, right?
but what is the use of democracy if our most important and vulnerable majority is at risk.
Under democracy rule, nothing can be ignored. then why are we blind ?
who is responsible?
some will say the government
some will say police
some will say even God
but the actual person who is responsible is you, me, and everyone.
because at some point in our life we also choose to ignore, if not ignore then may be irresponsible and choose to unaware . and if you are helping those poor kids, but still choose to eat food where they work then you are blameworthy. In one way or another way, we r responsible.
even I m also responsible .but remember” IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO TAKE THE RIGHT STEP TOWARDS THE RIGHT CAUSE..
Now, the question is how can we help? how can we change the world?
of course, only talking about such crimes or givin’ sympathy won’t help.
we need to step up and be aware of what is happin’ around us.
Stop excusing yourself that you are student or you are doing a job.
The first and important thing is to be aware .you should know what u r fighting for.
Act and speak when you see any wrongdoing around you.
and most important one: DON’T LOSE HOPE!!!

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