Understanding of child labour in India by Sushmita Srivastava

when i asked about the laws of child labour to my maid she simply answered me ” madam there is lot of work to do in this whole 24 hrs if our children will not support us how can we manage to eat and live properly. she said that she wants to send her daughter to schools but for that also it requires money so let her earn then she can get herself education. where is education going “. and i am amazed by her answer then i asked some adults for our society whether they know the consequences of forcing a child into the economic market they said laws are only in the papers they are not followed many people even don’t know about the helplines numbers which are available for child labours and most of them well educated in the last webinar i got to know about the chain who forced children to work as beggar and I told them about this chain they were so surprised. i asked mt maid that if her daughter can get education she also don’t have to work and can live there life fully. after having these both conversation i found out that there are almost no awareness about consequences of forcing a child to become the labour and there is a mindset of people that says that nothing is going to change. in these whole conversation i also found out that people usually don’t know fully about the laws related child labour. so we, in my opinion we should do some work to get attention of the society about the laws and punishment related to child labour and trafficking. one of the guards of our society lost his son and didn’t know about him whether he is alive or not because his son was the victim of child trafficking. i think parents of these children deserve to know about their children and we should work for the on a bigger level so that we can identify the trafficking group before they use the innocence of any child for their evil purposes.

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  • Nice article. You have brought out the harsh reality and maximum people are looking after immediate gains.its not their fault, because they have to continue their life.its the need of the hour that we sensitize more and more people around us about the ill effects of child labour/trafficking and also explain to them how they will continue to remain poor if they can’t get out of this… First income… then education theory!

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