Understanding child labour by Mukta Rege

After speaking to people who had been deprived of education in the past, I came to know the main reason of child labour- Poverty! All the people I spoke to said that they left their education and started working at a very young age to support their family’s finances. Some of them voluntarily dropped out of school to earn money for their family while the rest were forced to work. They all think that if they had studied they would certainly have a better life. They do understand the importance of education and hence all their children are going or have gone to school, which was very good to hear.

After speaking with people from privileged families, it was very clear that they are not very aware about child labour and it’s consequences. Most of them don’t know any laws related to child labour. They all have very different answers when asked about the industry that child labour is most common in. They also said that they don’t know if the products they have consumed are from an industry where children work. They have either ignored or given a rupee or two to children who were begging or working. Some of them have seen people who hired children for working in homes. But they do know that child labour is illegal and however poor their family is children are not supposed to work.

After asking all these questions to people I conclude that most of them know that child labour is illegal but they ignore it.

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