Child labour interview by Sakshi Nigam


21st century our society having the child labour which deteriorates the health of the children and push their future into dark world. Everyone is having a little bit knowledge about this issue through news, magazines or movies. Some of them come forward to work towards eradicating this evil practice from society.

While speaking to 5 adults, I understood the things about child labour:-
1. How old were you when you started working?
Ans:- I was around 14 years when started to work in shops and fields for providing financial stability to my family.
2. Did you attend school? Until what class?
Ans:- No, as we have only one school in our village which is too far from our home.
3. Why did you not go to school?
Ans:- In my family no one was educated and our financial conditions was not stable.
My parents had taken loan from local Zamindaar for buying seeds which was used for cropping on the field.
4. How has this affected you in your life? Do you feel that by attending school, you would have better opportunities?
Ans:- This has affected me and my family very badly. Yes, I would have been better opportunity and able to give better life to my family.
5. Do you know about or have you accessed any government schemes for those who live below the poverty line?
Ans:- Yes, I have knowledge about government schemes but as I am not educated and literate then I don’t know how to fill the various forms which is required for accessing the schemes for my benefits.

The privileged people , who are well educated and stabled have very different perception about this evil practice:-
1. Do you know about the laws around Child Labour?
Ans:- Yes, I have some knowledge about it like no one can employ a child who is below 14 years of age and also an adolescent who is below 18 years of age in any Hazardous or Non-Hazardous Work.
2. Which industries are having child labour most common in?
Ans:- I don’t know about the exact statistics but according to my observations children are working as domestic helper, beggar, labour in shops etc.
3. Do you feel that you consume products from industries that have child labour?
Ans:- Yes, I think many industries illegally appoint children as worker for providing labour on the cheap expense.
4. Have you ever seen child working or begging? What have you done about it?
Ans:- Yes, I have seen children are working in shops and begging on roads several times. No, I don’t do anything about it.
5. Have you ever seen / know people who hire children as domestic help?
Ans:- Yes, I have been seen people who hire children as domestic help for cleaning house, washing clothes, and utensils etc.
6. If a child’s family is in extreme poverty, is it okay for a child to work?
Ans:- No, definitely it is not okay for a child to work in his childhood as this is the time of dreaming not for working. Parents should have to take care of them and send their children to schools for educating them. As per my opinion education is the key which can open best opportunity for the future.

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