Life of little ones is being destroyed


By Shaina

Child Lives Matter. There is so much we aren’t aware of regarding the inhumane physical and emotional trauma these little ANGELS endure in the hands of despicable, evil people. Children are suffering right this very moment. They are abused, beaten and battered, used and sold in the sex trade and sadly even in their own homes this is happening. They lack proper nutrition, clean water, rest and so much more!
Exploited children are more likely to face ‘Failure’, hopelessness and various sufferings. Nowadays, Mental Health is literally a topic of concern. Well, supporting them through funds hopefully is great, but the depth of the situation even matters!! So, where are we standing now?? Is it only poverty as a whole or individual effort plays a role in it too??
It’s heartbreaking that WE as a community are not RAISING OUR VOICES AND BEING LOUD about this! Educate yourselves on this! These are the little ones, WE all need to protect and stand with. How much noise did you make for other matters because we need to be BLARINGLY LOUDER FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!❤

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