Conversations about Child Labour and Trafficking by Aathira

5 Replies to “Conversations about Child Labour and Trafficking by Aathira”

  • Great Video! I had the conversation with people regarding this. It’s so true that people are not really aware that to what extent child labor prevails in India. 4 amongst the 5 people do not take any action when they see a child begging on roads or when someone hires a child.
    We as community need to raise our voices and educate people about all this.
    The way you represented the conversation is very nice and innovative.

  • I was really engaged in this video and it’s such an impressive attempt to create awareness about prevention about child labour.
    Amazing work 👏

  • A very impressive way to represent people’s views. This makes an impact. It is true that educated people are indifferent about this problem of child labour. Though they know it is illegal they do not take any action and turn a blind’s eye to this. Great work in the video.

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