Children are a gift from God by Anjali Maurya

i woke up not in my home
but in a place which is unknown
i woke up not with the lovely sunbeam on my face
but with the loud voice which is full of hate.
but i m not alone.
there r so many like me who endure the same fate.
but this life of ours none can relate
because this life to us is mandate.
i heard someone saying that” children are a gift from God”
i wonder sometimes” are we really??
because if we r then we are treated with dearly.
we work here whole day
for us there is no school and play
our home are miles away
but we cannot go
because we r trapped here as prey
but one day a man will come
and destroy this evil scam.
then , we all will be free
and will live happily under freedom tree.

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  • The poem is really apt and beautifully written. The words convey the necessary message in a decent way. Good one 👍🏻

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