Child Labour Interviews by Ankur Yadav

Child Labour is a term everyone might have heard about in news or movies.
But very few people come forward and think to solve it.
We, being the ng generation of the twenty first century have many great opportunities to solve social evil like Child Labour.
While speaking to 5 adults, I understood so many things about Child Labour.

Q-1) How old were you when you started working?
Ans-) I was around 15 year old when I started working in factories, shops etc.
Q-2) Did you attend school? Until what class?
Ans-) Yes.
Upto class 8.
Q-3) Why did you stop going to school or why did not you go to school?
Ans-) Basically in my family no one was educated and all of them were laboures.
No one knew the importance of education and specially higher education.
And as we all were little bit naughty in our childhood so I was also not focusing in my studies.
This was like my village tradition as any boys came in there teenage they started helping there families so there were no plan regarding our future studies.
Basically me and my friends were used to play a lot, and our parents did not like this so this was also a big cause for starting work at a very small age.
Q-4) How has this affected you in your life? Do you feel that by attending school, you would have had better opportunities?
Ans-) This has affected me very badly.
Yes If I were not left my studies than definitely today I would have been to better place.
Q-5) Do you know about or have you accessed any government schemes for those who live below the poverty line?
Ans-) Yes, I know about government schemes like the Mid Day Meal and Aganbadi, where children get free education and food.

The privileged people, like us have very different perception about Child Labour.
Q-1) Do you know about the laws around Child Labour?
Ans-) Yes, I know little bit about Child Labour like we can not employ any children who is below 18 year old.
Q-2) Which industries are Child Labour most common in?
Ans-) I do not know about this much but I know that Children are working in the restaurants, shops, begging.
Q-3) Do you feel that you consume products from industries that have Child Labour?
Ans-) Actually I really do not have any idea about this.
Q- 4) Have you ever seen Child working or begging? What have you done about it?
Ans-) Yes I have been seen several times.
I went to Child and tried to know the actual reason behind his/her doing Child Labour.
Q-5) Have you ever seen /know people who hire children as domestic help?
Ans-) yes, I have seen people who hire children as domestic help like shopkeepers.
Q-6) If a Child’s family is in extreme poverty, is it okay for a child to work?
Ans-) No, It is not okay for a child to work even his or her family is in extreme poverty.
His or Her parents should take care of them.

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