One educated child can change the world by Shaina

In an age where learning is essential, where playing and enjoying is paramount, there stands a group of very unlucky children who are forced to work as laborers. Throughout the history of mankind, there have been instances where these innocent souls were put through inhuman conditions just for a person’s financial gains. This gruesome act reached a zenith during the Industrial Revolution as these kids were able to get into narrow mines where the adults were unable to go. Child workers were also favoured over adults as they were highly unlikely to form unions and raise voice against the miserable working conditions including crowded and unclean factories, lack of safety codes or legislation and long hours. Even today, in the so called modernised society, there are countless children working when they should be going to schools and playgrounds. They’re working in fire-cracker factories, carpet factories, working in households, begging on streets, and many such examples. They deserve to enjoy their childhood irrespective of their family’s financial status.

There are a number of individuals and group of individuals working towards the betterment of these children. To provide them with the childhood they most certainly deserve. However, it still isn’t enough. Changing one person at a time is no more the solution we should be looking at. Awareness about the living conditions, mental health, and impact of child labor on their future should be highlighted at a large scale.

Let’s give children a memorable childhood, not a nightmare.

@mystically_crooked is my Instagram handle where I post my artworks. That’s why mentioned in the artwork.

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