A Little Glass Girl by Anoushka

A little glass girl

Sat in my window,

She was truly brilliant once,

Her clear glass surface,

Split tiny sun rays into the most vibrant of hues,

Her little frail wings,

Blessed pretty wings!

Were the whole wide world’s envy!

It’s true:)

And her daintiest part,

Was her diamond heart,

Its beats as swift and as brave,

As a Nutcracker’s sure footed feet,

She was brilliant once…

Until a tempest came and broke one wing,

She still stayed strong, she could still sing.

The tempest waged war,

It took her shine,

He left her skin scratched and full of dirt,

Of grime,

She screamed and she yelled,

Kicked and flailed as she fell,

Into a world so hungry and cruel.

She called us did she not?

Her pleading eyes,

And calloused hands,

Why couldn’t we see it before?

Her heart though ,

It remained like an ethereal moon,

Till her only hope,(You and I)

Spat dark and gore,

And broke the diamond in two.

This little glass girl is the embodiment of a child’s innocence, their ability to love and dream with abandon and an imagination untouched by the sordid horrors of a materialistic world. A child’s carefree manner and light laughter coupled with the gift of boundless dream are his/hers wings. But then a raging violent storm, symbolising cruel, heartless and greedy human beings who take advantage of their innocence and economic circumstances stole their flight. But children are resilient and they are optimistic. So the child fights on, holding on to hope. Waiting for someone, Someone with a good heart to save them not knowing that very often we remain blind to their pain. The child is put through back breaking hard labour, food is scarce and comfort non existent but hope? Hope is abundant. Until the very saviours they had prayed for didn’t turn up at all. And that light that makes children so endearing? Our ignorance took it away. These are not mere words, this poem is an invocation to people everywhere to help us fight child sexual abuse and child labour. It is a plea for help, it is a call to arms so that little glass girls and little glass boys all around this world can keep their wings and their beautiful smiles.

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