Think Before You Buy by Shiv Singh


Millions, of the 170 million children who are engaged in child labour according to the ILO, work in the garment making industry. Creating the clothes that we wear and blindly purchase from places without being a conscious consumer. It is not always easy for us to find out whether children have worked on our clothes. Thus instead of just not buying from brands engaging in child labour, we should advocate for the children who suffer these situations and are forced into labour. My brother once told me the story of a boy who had been a bonded labourer. That child was taught and forced to make clothes for 14 hours a day, receiving a payment of just 50 rupees a week, which is 3% of the minimum wage salary working the same hours as him. Children’s childhoods are being taken away for the making of our clothes because it saves money for a company. Someone working minimum wage would earn roughly 15,000 for the same hours of work the young boy. No amount of money justifies the robbing of a childhood.

I created this poster/piece of art to show how children spend hours and hours making clothing items for people who are money minded and are depriving children of their childhood.

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