How domestic work is falsely promoting child labour in India? by Shubham Sikaria


Child Labour is the most hideous crime in India and domestic work is the worst form of child labour. In domestic work, it is observed that the child is being abused and it can also become a gender-based issue sometimes. These children are unaware of the consequences and the promises made by the criminals who hire them for work are false and they still get away with it very easily. There are some loopholes in the law which gives them the misconception that what they are doing is right.

The reason why they take children into domestic work is that there is a lack of humanity in the society. They know that these children will easily fall in their trap if they will promise them a good life and a decent amount of money. They know that children won’t be questioning them and they can turn them into slaves in no time. They can get any work done they want from them. Also these children are kept on a very poor diet, drugs and are even sexually abused sometimes. Being under the private sector they mention them as helpers and not workers to hide from this crime.

The Child and family agrees to this domestic work because Agents promise the families that they will be given good living proper diet food and some money. They promise them for a better future.Poverty is also one of the reasons as the family wants that their children should also help in the sharing of the family expenses as well. Children fall in this trap because they are not able to complete the basic needs for them and their family like food, shelter, accommodation, clothes, money etc. False promises are made by these agents like they will provide them education and make them successful. Families send their child for this work in both urban and rural areas because they want to remove the burden of feeding the child.

A child faces a very tough time in the domestic work. He/she goes under a lot of risks, maltreatment abuses, discrimination and violation of child rights. Most of the children are physically abused, they are beaten badly, beaten up with sticks and they also get skin diseases due to the hazardous material or products. These children have to work for long hours and no rest is given to them that leads to sickening and malnutrition as well. If they wish to leave the domestic work, they face verbal abuses, aggression, beating, threats, the accusation of theft which leads to depression and loneliness. Child labour also affect them socially as they are not able to cover their education, causing failure in schools or low academic performance. Being away from family and not being in contact with them leads them to become a victim of human trafficking and prostitution as well.

There should be laws and policies to tackle the child labour in the domestic world. There must be a separate set laws in the domestic work of child labour. Around 7 million children are part of this hideous crime as in the domestic work the crime remains hidden inside the four walls. Due to insufficient funds in the district rehabilitation centers, there is a lack of political and administrative will in the local districts as well as in the urban areas. There is also a lack of human resources in the area as there are very few rehabilitation centers so the child can be recused from there as well. The government should step in to this domestic sector and make sure of the laws and policies that are needed to be followed.

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  • Child labour is one of the biggest issues in our country. We see it happening everywhere but we still never react or stand against it. It’s time to take action now for the future of those children who deserve much more than what they get.

  • There is need for each citizen to stand up and unite together for ending child labour altogether from our country. A voice well raised, congratulations Shubham.

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