Analysis of increase in child labour and trafficking by Saumya Mishra

Sometimes back I have assigned a task to a few people to draw a picture of children doing some activities with a deadline of 10 min to check their imagination and creativity.
Most of them have drawn pictures in which children are playing in the park, going to school, watching TV, playing video games and so on. But I was shocked there is no picture with some children selling balloons, washing utensils, working in hotels, carrying heavy weights which are sometimes higher than their weight, travelling to other cities for work. No Pictures WHY. Because we always want to see their happy faces even we don’t want to imagine a situation where a father sells his daughter so that he will earn some money to feed his family, a family send his child to factories which are really dangerous, working in mills at the time they should go to school and get a proper education.
The harsh reality is, still in our country we are facing child labour and trafficking kind of problems. There are various organisations working on this issue but still, it’s a major concern it requires awareness and more people to become part of this campaign. The problems due to which the issue hasn’t been completely resolved are:-
1) Even if people find/see this kind of issues they simply ignore they think it’s none of their business but can you take a minute and think by simply talking to the victim, registering a complaint at a nearby police station can save someone’s life.
2) Labour charge is very less if a child works in a factory, mills or for some domestic work.
3) Poverty is the major cause victims family suffers so they are ready to take these kinds of steps so as to get going with life.
Let’s grow and work together to resolve this concern.

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