How Sexual Abuse Impacts The Victim by Aarushi Maan

We all suggest people to run and open up to family or friends, to anyone who is trust worthy, and tell them about the abuse, then when they report it, the abuser would get punished. This sounds so easy and simple. However, in reality it is much more complex! Even if the abuser gets punished, that’s not the end, that does not ensures that the victim would be fine, or go back to normal.

No! The abuser not only takes advantage of the innocence of the child or victim but also leaves the person scarred. The victim might still be in a terrified state or dealing with anxiety. Such abusers disturb the mental peace of the victim, it affects the mental and emotional health of the victim.

There are cases when victims have to consult a psychologist or a therapist for the same.

Out of all the people I talked to, I would like to share one person’s story. She was still a school student, when she went to visit her relatives, there her grandfather’s elder brother abused her. She narrated that for over an year she was disgusted with her body, she had nightmares, her academic performance dropped, her self confidence and self esteem were ruined, she felt repelled whenever anyone would hug her or try to hug her (her family and friends)

The major reason as to why she didn’t speak about it was that she was numb after the incident, she was disgusted with herself, and thought there’s no point in speaking about it because she didn’t talk about it immediately after it happened. She confessed that she didn’t know how to talk about the same even with her mother.

This once again highlights the need for parents to not blindly trust relatives. Parents must establish good communication with their children. Parents must not consider the topic of child sexual abuse as a taboo and must talk about the same openly. They must talk to their children on a daily basis in a friendly manner to discuss their whereabouts, the friends they hang out with, and overall how their day went and with whom they interacted, so that if such a thing ever happens, the child can approach them and share the same.

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  • I totally agree with everything you said. Parents should be the closest helpline of any child, to whom they can express everything without any fear.

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