The story of their lost innocence by Subhiksha Kamath

When I spoke to around 10 people about child sexual abuse, I was incredulous to discover that around 6 of them had faced child sexual abuse in some form or the other. 3 of them were reluctant to talk about it. But the rest of them shared their experiences. What devastated me was that a lot of the abusers were people who the children knew and trusted. Brothers, uncles and neighbours robbed them of their innocence.
Savita shared her story of how her grandfather’s friend abused her for years. Every few days, he would lure her inside his home and abuse her.
But the worst facet of her tale was that her Mom refused to take any action against it, stating the derogatory ‘Log kya kahenge’ statement. She left her to suffer in silence, choosing family reputation over her own daughter. Mitali was abused by her own uncle. While narrating the story, she cried saying that the thing that broke her was her parents’ refusal to accept the truth. They refused to believe that her Uncle could indulge in such a loathsome act. Jiya shared her struggle of exploitation at the hands of her own cousin. By promising her a part-time job at his office, he enticed her into coming to his office alone. After the incident, she was too scared to speak up and chose to remain silent about the it.
In each of them, I could see that the exploitation had made them grow beyond their ages.
My heart went out to all of them. It is deplorable that they had to with such pain at such a young age. Their physical wounds may have healed, but their mental scars have not. Each of them suffers from problems like depression, anxiety and under confidence. However, their iron clad resilience won me over. They are determined to move on in life, away from these painful memories into a world where they would like every child to be safe.

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  • It deeply saddens me and disgusts me that in majority of the cases, the abuser is someone that the child already knew. I think we must not only spread awareness among children but also among their parents, to let them know that the people they consider close and just like “family” shouldn’t be blindly trusted because of the same reason!

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