How to spread awareness at a local level? by Kaainat Pundir

Each of us can play a huge part in spreading awareness. We can be the catalyst to a chain reaction resulting in a safer space for children. Here are my tips on how you can individually spread awareness.

1. Sharing news: News and real-time events are the best media to start a conversation around the issue of child sexual abuse. The more information you put out there, the more you encourage people to recognize and engage with the issue.
2. Name the problem: Child Sexual Abuse can be a very taboo topic, this is also a reason why victims are afraid to open up about it. Thus, it is important to name the problem, to call it as we know it- “Child Sexual Abuse”. Only when we recognize and name the problem can we treat it.
3. Share stories to engage: Child Sexual Abuse is a real problem that plagues our society. Thus, ignoring the stories of survivors and by-passing them in conversations does no good. Hence, talk about the lived experiences of victims, talk about the realities- the perpetrator involved, the statistics. Make it real, so that people are willing to talk and open up.
4. Personalize- Bring up stories close to home so that people realize the severity of the problem and realize how personal it is. It is easy to be ignorant of issues which are not in your close proximity, however, stories close to home awaken you to the harsh reality and are a good way to get people to recognize, spread awareness and help improve the situation.

I got the inspiration for this post by reaching out to people in my family and friends circle when I talked about child sexual abuse with them.

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  • I think we all must be open to such conversations, so that even the children can comfortably share the same with us, without considering it as a taboo and bottling up their feelings

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