How to Prevent Online Sexual Abuse by Divyanshu Anuj

In our child sexual abuse (CSA) is as a sensetive topic and maximum person don’t want to talk about it specially with children, but we should teach our children about CSA with open mind as we teach them how to drive bicycle.
In this way cyber safety is also very important, we should teach our children to don’t share any nude pics for become famous on any public platform because cyber criminal use it for blackmail them or for make any fake things about them.
There should be phenomena in family where children tell their parents if they are being a victim of blackmailing or online CSA.
Parents should support their children in that case because their children is not a culprit they are victim of crime.
On social media platforms there are many privacy features, like on instagram anyone can make their profile private but to increase number of followers they allow everyone to watch their profile so they have to learn to choose safety at the place of greed of fame, on Facebook anyone can make their profile private and also they can post privately but we have to teach our child to do not make freindship with a stranger, in same way anyone can share anything with there contacts. We should also check that time to time if our children is not going on the wrong path.
Hence if children will learn the safety rules we can prevent online child sexual abuse.

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  • Absolutely! Establishing good communication with children is essential for parents!
    I feel if we are able to openly converse with children teaching them about the possible dangers and how none can harm them or abuse them online if they take some important preventive measures like not making their social media accounts public for gaining more followers, is crucial.

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