SWAB your way out of Cyberbullying

If you’re looking for ways to tackle cyberbullying, follow SWAB (Screenshot, Withdraw, Avoid and Block/Report & Restrict). SWAB is a rule that can prevent you from being disturbed by mere attention seekers who might leave comments on your posts that are uncalled for or they might create a fake account by your name.
Shall you wish to take more radical steps against such a bully if the problem persists or if the bully turns into a threatner, always remember to handle such situations with absolute calm while not engaging into unnecessary conversations with them and immediately seek help from friends and family members. The online as well as local cyber crime cells are always available for you and they co-operate with you till the end.
Do not hesitate to ask for help in such cases as the people who bully you behind the screens are committing a serious offence for which they should be punished.

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