CSA Statistic by K. Anuradha

Going through the trauma of abuse as a child, be it any form, specially sexual abuse is like taking the one thing that is the most important to a childhood, the innocence. I feel children are like colourful flowers and abuse is like an extremely fast paced breeze that kills the flower slowly. Help a child to keep that innocence intact and blossom like colourful flowers without hinderance.
Spend time with children and protect them because they are the future of the world.

Awareness is nothing but accepting that a terrible thing like child abuse exists and understanding the complexity of the phenomenon. Overcoming the norms of “Log kya kahenge” is the very first step. Instead helping your child to have a safe present and future is what one should focus on.

Be a real friend to your child. Read about the problems your child is facing if she/he is facing any. The internet and this space is filled with various information that could be extremely helpful.

Let us all save our precious children from any form of child abuse.

Make no excuse, there is no space in this world for child abuse.

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