Awareness Quiz on Online Child Sexual Abuse by Vaishnavi Arya

Amid this coronavirus lock-down, Online Child Sexual Abuse has increased dramatically.
According to a global compilation of Reports on child sexual abuse material (CSAM) found online, India stands right on top of the list, with 11.7% of the total reports.

This shows us the gravity and seriousness of crime. It is time we step us and teach ourselves and our children what this crime is.

The first step towards this is creating awareness by gaining knowledge.  
Kindly fill this awareness quiz on Online Child sexual abuse and share it to your loved ones.

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  • While the Internet has been a positive catalyst for innovation, education, and economic growth, it has also enabled those who would harm children by making it easier for them to produce, access and share child sexual abuse materials; to find like-minded offenders; and reduce their risk of detection. And as connectivity expands, so too do sexual crimes committed against children where online tools and/or services are used. great iniitiative .

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